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Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

Hakuoki Cosplay

Hi ^.^
now here are some of our Hakuoki cosplays ^^ there from the second season so they are the western uniformstyle =D
Well then... Let's begin! =D

first off: Rejah as Heisuke Todo ^.^

Next up: Raviel as Harada Sanosuke

And a picture of both of them together =D

Those two are of course followed by their commander Hijikata Toshizo aka Kyoran =D

(of course.. as a leader he has to know how to get someone to battle =D )

And now me (Thym) as Yukimura Chizuru =D

And last but not least Chizuru with anybody XDDDD

Hijikata and Chizuru

Sanosuke and Chizuru

And Heisuke and Chizuru

That's it for now =D more pictures on our deviant art accounts =D