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Montag, 24. Mai 2010

Spring has come...

I will now be trying to upload a few pictures we took in spring - introducing me, but still not Beomir. He came later to take some more photos... once I finished editing them, some more will be up.

Allen being very elegant :)

Lavi may like Allen - but Allen does not exactly like Lavi.

Kanda 'playing' with the dog.

Linali trying to look elegant!

Only being a few, but we hope you liked them!

Sonntag, 16. Mai 2010

Well now....

I finally and politely introduce myself, for my nickname is SaucyJack, but everyone in this group just uses to call me 'dwarf'. I am sixteen years old, 5.38 feet small and a quite shy girl - don't mind that, I'm still growing to be an adult.
I still go to school, having nearly no free time whatsoever, but giving my best to pass the abitur.
My very first cos war princess Mononoke when I was eight yrs old xD followed about seven yrs later by Hidan (Naruto).... I am now responsible for the more female characters around the Manga we do. I will be doing Vaporeon, Mew, Sakura, Linali and such....
Just like the others, I sew the costumes myself, though I'll never understand where the money comes from, everytime.
I got to know the others from different events, I am having the fun of my life with them, and I wish this will never end.
Fairy Ta-Ta!

Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010

Some more D.Gray-man Pics

Here are some more D.Gray-man pics ^^

Kanda and Allen on the way

Fly Timcampy!

Moyashi... BaKanda!

Die apple! Die!

On the lookout

Here is a link to one of our videos on youtube. ^^ In the video we cosplay D.gray-man in private and this time with Beo!

That's it for now ^^ more pics will be following ^^

Donnerstag, 29. April 2010

Brief introduction of Beomir

Hello world!
Here am I and want to introduce myself =P
I'm Beomir, you can also call me just Beo. 19 years and full of energy am I alive to rock this world!
I'm still a very new member of SKP but very brimmed over with enthusiasm for cosplay. Thym and Asta infected me with their passion for this hobby. In fact I'm a bit lazy school-related but even more active in things I am interested in. Lust for life would accurately describe my view of life. I'm the fifth character from D.Gray-man, Lord Tyki Mikk. A noah fighting against the exorcists, Allen Walker, Lavi and Kanda Yuu. Unlike the others I sewed the cos not on my own but took some clothes out of my garderobe. Also looked nice so I had even less work to do.
The next cosplay we planned are some characters from "Bleach" wherefor I have to sew my own Gi ôo well let's wait and see...by the way, I'm going to cosplay Renji.
Also Kakashi, a character from "Naruto" waits for being sewed on my own >.<

I'm sure you'll hear from me after I have finished the Bleach-Cos!

Bye for now, Beo

I love these quotes ^^ If you are going to go through hell, keep going. (W.Churchill)

Freitag, 8. Januar 2010

first snow shoot

The first snow fotoshoot !! It is still snowing and the perfekt time for a fotoshoot. So we went and made pictures even though it was -10°C. It was really very cold. lying in the snow didn't help getting warm....-.- But we managed to do some nice pictures. But it was just me (Astatine) and Thym. And we didn't have a photographer, what was kind of a problem, since we couldn't do pictures with both of us... Here some pics:

Allen (thym) in a tree

Allen (Thym) idleing in the tree

I (astatine) looking much more elegant

We lost --> DEATH (lying there really was kind of cold)

There are some other Pics in my (Astatine) blog : s-o-p-a-l.blogspot.com