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Montag, 24. Mai 2010

Spring has come...

I will now be trying to upload a few pictures we took in spring - introducing me, but still not Beomir. He came later to take some more photos... once I finished editing them, some more will be up.

Allen being very elegant :)

Lavi may like Allen - but Allen does not exactly like Lavi.

Kanda 'playing' with the dog.

Linali trying to look elegant!

Only being a few, but we hope you liked them!

Sonntag, 16. Mai 2010

Well now....

I finally and politely introduce myself, for my nickname is SaucyJack, but everyone in this group just uses to call me 'dwarf'. I am sixteen years old, 5.38 feet small and a quite shy girl - don't mind that, I'm still growing to be an adult.
I still go to school, having nearly no free time whatsoever, but giving my best to pass the abitur.
My very first cos war princess Mononoke when I was eight yrs old xD followed about seven yrs later by Hidan (Naruto).... I am now responsible for the more female characters around the Manga we do. I will be doing Vaporeon, Mew, Sakura, Linali and such....
Just like the others, I sew the costumes myself, though I'll never understand where the money comes from, everytime.
I got to know the others from different events, I am having the fun of my life with them, and I wish this will never end.
Fairy Ta-Ta!

Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010

Some more D.Gray-man Pics

Here are some more D.Gray-man pics ^^

Kanda and Allen on the way

Fly Timcampy!

Moyashi... BaKanda!

Die apple! Die!

On the lookout

Here is a link to one of our videos on youtube. ^^ In the video we cosplay D.gray-man in private and this time with Beo!

That's it for now ^^ more pics will be following ^^