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We are SnowKissPro! A cosplay group from Germany. =D We hope you enjoy our cosplays =D


Montag, 28. Dezember 2009

Introduction of Thym

Hi to all the people out there XD
I'm Thym ^.^ I'm 18 years old and still aging XD
You can read about the beginings in Asta's introduction XD
I am a crazy, happy and most of the time carefree person... and if you believe other people one of the more childish persons you could meet.
But alas, I'm happy so that is ok ^.^
Next topic: My cosplays. Like Asta I started with a D.Gray-man cosplay, in my case Allen Walker.
If I had known it would be this difficult I would have probably never decided to cosplay it XD
That is also a reason why I didn't finish it first. The first cosplay I finished was Kakashi from Naruto. It's really comfy ^.^
Well, you'll hear more of me and the other later ^.^
That's for now ^.^
See you later

and of course a quote XD
Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.

Freitag, 18. Dezember 2009

Small Introduction on Astatine

Hi there, I'm Astatine.
I'm another Member of SKP and kind of one of the first, 'cause I and Thym started cosplaying together. My first Cosplay I erver made -and also the first thing I ever sewed- was the second uniform of Yuu Kanda from D.grey man. though it was not the first I finished. Sewing a coat like that really was some work, and still is, 'cause its not completly finished.
I also cosplay Naruto. Thats the first character I ever cosplayed.
....thats it for intrduction.

also got my personal blog : s-o-p-a-l.blogspot.com

Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2009

small introduction on mysli

Hi, I’m mysli, I’m 20 years old.
Even though I’m one of the founding members of SKP I’m kind of the newest too.
I’m interested in and being fascinated by Cosplay for a few years now, but thought about doing it myself in January/February this year first. My first realized Cosplay (more of a spontaneous thing) was Casual Lavi (DGM) in September. Oh, and I dressed up as Sailor Moon for carnival in school about ten years ago XD Atm I’m working on Lavis second Uniform (need a few details like the pockets at the belt), and thinking about the next Cosplays. I hope being able to start with my second till the weekend.
We are a new cosplay group from Lüneburg, Germany.
Right now our group consists of three people: Astatine, Thym and mysli.
In this blog we will tell you about the development of our cosplays, decisions on which manga/anime we will cosplay and which conventions we will be visiting or have visited. Of course we will write reports about the conventions and, if possible, add pictures.
The idea to become a cosplay group first came up in August 2009 and by September we finally decided to become one.
After this decision we thought for some weeks about a fitting name for the group. In the beginning of November, on a joint car drive, we came up with the name “Snow Kiss” for the first time, and by December we ultimatly decided to take on the name “Snow Kiss”. So now we can begin to plan our cosplays and the conventions we want to visit and you will certainly hear from us again in a little while.