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Freitag, 8. Januar 2010

first snow shoot

The first snow fotoshoot !! It is still snowing and the perfekt time for a fotoshoot. So we went and made pictures even though it was -10°C. It was really very cold. lying in the snow didn't help getting warm....-.- But we managed to do some nice pictures. But it was just me (Astatine) and Thym. And we didn't have a photographer, what was kind of a problem, since we couldn't do pictures with both of us... Here some pics:

Allen (thym) in a tree

Allen (Thym) idleing in the tree

I (astatine) looking much more elegant

We lost --> DEATH (lying there really was kind of cold)

There are some other Pics in my (Astatine) blog : s-o-p-a-l.blogspot.com