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Donnerstag, 29. April 2010

Brief introduction of Beomir

Hello world!
Here am I and want to introduce myself =P
I'm Beomir, you can also call me just Beo. 19 years and full of energy am I alive to rock this world!
I'm still a very new member of SKP but very brimmed over with enthusiasm for cosplay. Thym and Asta infected me with their passion for this hobby. In fact I'm a bit lazy school-related but even more active in things I am interested in. Lust for life would accurately describe my view of life. I'm the fifth character from D.Gray-man, Lord Tyki Mikk. A noah fighting against the exorcists, Allen Walker, Lavi and Kanda Yuu. Unlike the others I sewed the cos not on my own but took some clothes out of my garderobe. Also looked nice so I had even less work to do.
The next cosplay we planned are some characters from "Bleach" wherefor I have to sew my own Gi ôo well let's wait and see...by the way, I'm going to cosplay Renji.
Also Kakashi, a character from "Naruto" waits for being sewed on my own >.<

I'm sure you'll hear from me after I have finished the Bleach-Cos!

Bye for now, Beo

I love these quotes ^^ If you are going to go through hell, keep going. (W.Churchill)